Get Ready to take stage and compete to be top 3 in show at the LIVFITK Wellness Expedition where you walk the stage in your choice of fashion attire or compete to be among top 3 in the Journey to Fit 8 week Challenge. Men, women, LGBTQ community ages16 through 60 plus who are physically active and live a natural healthy lifestyle may register to compete.

Ordinary to Extraordinary

About The Wellness Expedtition and Journey to Fit

The Wellness Expedition and Journey To Fit Competition debuted in Arlington, VA on May 1st 2021, bringing new vision to light.

The creation of the Wellness Expedition and Journey to Fit competition is designed with a mission to inspire, educate, and encourage all individuals to build self-confidence that will allow one to overcome and become greater than any circumstance or limitation set upon them.

Recognizing extraordinary in what is classified as ordinary. The Wellness Expedition and Journey to Fit is changing the look to the competition stage.

Our events promote self-pride, positive development, and motivates the continued pursuance toward personal goals by removing the pressure of fitting in by other standards and instead embracing one’s uniqueness.

Why Join the Movement?

The goal of the Wellness Expedition and Journey to Fit Competition is a movement toward a sustainable balance of wellness of both body and mind, while challenging to be the best version of yourself, embracing what separates us from others and helping to remove the temptaition to take substances that can have long term effects on the body and may cause possible addiction.

The Wellness Expedition and Journey to fit is a great experience and fun way to build confidence and development of performance and competition goals.

Who Can Enter?

Our events are inspired by wellness and consists of individuals who want to compete but shy away from competitions due to extreme physical demands and or restrictive guidelines.

The Wellness Expedition and Journey to Fit is inclusive to all Men, Women and LGBTQ+ community. Ages range from teens to 60 and up. Anyone committed to an active, natural healthy lifestyle is welcomed and invited to compete at a recreational or competitive level.

The Journey to Fit 8 Week challenge is more than a body transformation it is a life transformation encouraging long term sustainable goals of natural health and wellness.

Our Show Judges

Wellness Expedition and Journey to fit events consists of a selective panel of judges with professional experience in wellness, fashion and the performing arts.

Our Judges critiques provide positive feedback helps to build confidence, motivation, aids in growth and encourages continued development in competitors wellness and performance goals.

Contestant Rules/Guidelines

Q- Are heels required for the stage walk?
A- No, heels are not a requirement. You may wear any footwear of your choice. You do want to be sure your footwear selection works with your choice of attire.

Q- Are props allowed for stage walks?
A- Yes, props are allowed for stage walks but you want to be sure it makes sense for the category you are doing. Example for swimwear shades, hat, towel, or beach bag can be used and incorporated into your choreographed stage walk. Use of any props that causes flames, such as sparklers, candles etc are prohibited. Contact Us if you are unsure if your prop is acceptable.

Q- Do I need to tan?
A- No, tanning is not required and is optional. Points are not deducted for not having a tan. Tanning services are not offered.

  • Q- Do I have to use vendor services?
  • A- In support of local businesses we select local artists experienced in their field to help in the preparation of your special day. Use of their service is optional. Appointments are scheduled directly with them. Additional information and vendor contact is provided in your welcome information packet.
  • Q- Are there specific poses?
  • A- No, there are no specific poses. Stage walks are yours to create. Have fun and be creative when choreographing your walk. It should make sense to music selection, category and be sure to allow judges to see all sides to your attire.

Q- How can I provide services at an event?
A- We encourage and support local businesses within the surrounding area where events are held. Contact Us for information on participation.

Q- How can I make a donation.
A- You may participate as a show sponsor, make a contribution or support a contestant to any of our events. Contact Us for information on sponsorship or event contributions.

Need help getting started? Have a question? Contact Us and a team member will get back to you.

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In appreciation of participation and support of our mission a donation from each Wellness Expedition and Journey to Fit event is presented to a charity helping to make a difference in the lives of others.

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