LIVFITK, LLC offers several services such as marketing, promotional, event, and coaching services in the arts/entertainment, sports, and wellness industry.

Businesses seeking an alternative approach and solution to expanding brand awareness may contact us to discuss our client services. Services are personalized to our clients needs and therefor our process always begins with assessing and gaining a clear understanding of our clients objectives and goals. Service contracting in the coordination and organization of your marketing project or next event is based on the level of involvement and scope of work and can be simply consultative, marketing or working to create your vision. Contact Us for inquiries on services and pricing.

LIVFITK, LLC also offers several events throughout the year that provides an opportunity for direct business to consumer connections. New and existing businesses are invited to participate at our events where they can showcase products/services to guests in attendance. View a list of upcoming Events or Contact Us and learn how you can participate as a Sponsor, Vendor or by Donation offering.

Looking to gain a competitive edge?

LIVFITK offers individual coaching and group workshops to help improve technique and build confidence in performance. View a list of upcoming group Workshops or Contact Us to schedule your individual session today!

We are hopeful as our country moves toward recovery from the Covid-19 Pandemic and look forward to expanding our ability to serve businesses and individuals to make a difference and be a positive driving force in the recovery process.

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